Thursday, December 13, 2007

There's A Reason for Everything

How happy I am and feel so blessed! Thanks goodness Lord for You are soooooo good to me. You gave me a $65 offer and I am overwhelmed of the idea.Mao diay..for all the nights I stayed up late just to grab opps and couldn't grab them because there is a good reason waiting ahead.Now,I got it.Just so unbelievable!!! It got me wide-eyed when You gave it to me.

Now my sacrfices ug tanang kahago,in fact I was still feeling very exhausted when I got this morning because I only had few hours of sleep and it pays off.

I must get going now,time for OB appointment.Wish this is going to be easy today.Gotta go now!! See u again bloggy!


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Byotipol,
Praise the Lord for the wonderful thing that He has done to your life. God bless and take care of yourself, Jadyn and your husband. Have a wonderful and pleasant Christmas celebration there.

Carrie Smith said...

Good Morning Anne...

I have a little something for's girlfriend/sister week!

come by and get it

Anna said...

Good Morning Anne, that's very nice to know that you got the $65 i missed it though but it's alright God gave me something heheheheh. Just passing by to say have a great weekend to both you..Got A Tag For You:
From The Bottom Of My Heart


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