Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hampak sa Kapalaran

Sungog sa kapalaran jud ko! As I only have very limited opps on PPP na missed pa jud naku ang $10 imbis mao rato daku gihatag nila naku. What a shame. I was doing the 6 dollar payout with 300 words when the $10 suddenly came out.I did not know it.

When I am done doing the low one,it was already gray.I keep refreshing the page hoping that it would turn white but it just disappeared. Why do PPP have to do this to me? It's not's really unfair.

I only grab 4 opps with only $5 payout each.I don't know what the future holds for me

1 comment:

Ivy Sterling said...

hahah looya nato ani, wla lang ka sa akoa na miss pa nako ang 10 then nakuha tuod nako ang 8.50 wla pud malahos kay ang hinanpak na advertiser nangita ug pr1 nga unoque domain name.toink..akong domain as in butlog bya. na mag tanga nalang ta


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