Monday, December 10, 2007


Damn..I've waited for hours and hours for that stupid $25 offer since this morning and then PPP just took it away just like that.I had it reserved 2 times today and it went through.Needed to re reserve it at 10:30 pm my time then I couldn't get it anymore..what's wrong?

I AM SO MAD!!!!!!!! Sacrificing myself to sit here for a long time trying to wait for that damn thing and then they just got it away from me. I already made a post of that opp and was about to submit it to PPP and hellllllllll it just slip away!!! grrrrrrrrrr.. brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Byotipol,
Keep it cool, you don't want your baby to be affected by your angry emotions. Try to practice the virtues of patience and tolerance. Anyway, what is yours is yours and nobody can take that away from you. Just a little inconvenience because of the delay. It's no big deal. Sayang ang beauty mo. Relax lang 'day, cool ka lang. Just passing by to say hello. God bless and have a pleasant and trouble free day.

Carrie Smith said...

I know how frustating these ppp opps can be. the waiting...hard on the head. It use to drive me crazy but I have decided to just take the opps as I get them and if there aren't any opps for the day then I just tell myself not to worry and see what tomorrow brings...not that easy to do but I doing it and not getting stressed out anymore.

only 2 weeks left until Christms day! Shopping is almost finished and the kids will be finished school next week. where has the time gone.

Not only are you counting down 'til Christmas but you have a special little gift on the way.
Hope your feeling well and getting lots of rest now...oh boy you will need it. LOL

got to run (more blog hoppin')
Happy Holidays!

Darlene said...

ayaw na suko dai kay naa na bitaw si baby hapit na mugawas hehehehe sa sunod nalang pod msakpan pa gihapon to nimo nga opps


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