Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day with my Friends

How was your Christmas day friends? Did you enjoy it? How did you spend the special day? If you ask me,I truly had fun here and spent it with my local friends here in Fort Worth. Annie,Rose and I all agreed to gather at Annie's house to have a small feast that came into reality.

We had kinilaw na tuna,ginamos with cucumber,pork adobo,puto maya,sweets,saging and of course fruit salad. We all contributed to the foods we had that made us very full almost burst out after eating so big!!! Since,there were only 3 of us and we still had lotta foods left,we needed to bring some to our house! Yes, I had fun yesterday. We were like humans for we also had gift giving ceremony after the feast hehehehe.Imagine yourself staying in the kitchen for the whole 5 hours and do nothing but eat?..well,that is all I can share for today.CHRISTMAS WELL SPENT AND I WAS SO HAPPY!


Darlene said...

Aguy kalami man sa inyong handa ba woi maglaway man pod ta hehehehe lami kaayo kay inato gyud nagtubod akong laway sa saging nilung ag ug sa kinilaw whew!

Ivy Sterling said...

Waaaaa kalami sa kinilaw ug saging oi..grrrr wla man tawn ko nimo imbitaha oi, toink.hmmm wlay subra? bisan momho lang? hikhik

Mabelle said...

hala unsa mana saging kardaba? hala kalami ana oi pretohon. ka lang pud ug binokalan.

panghatag beh? heheheh!

nwys, nice pud oi kay nag gathering man pud. nindot jug puro pinoy ba kay magkasinabot sa linguwahi :D.

Merry Christmas belated.

Advance Happy New Year!

Merydith said...

Ahhhh yummy food not fair.

recel said...

hala, ka-lami gud ana inyong kinilaw dha! hmp! daya!!! :D


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