Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Smiling Morning

I woke up early this morning feeling alright,thanks to the very good Lord above. Morning is kinda cool above 50s. First thing I did,I checked my other blogs and read all the messages on my tagboard.It amazed me how people left their inspiring,funny and greetings there that made my day.I definitely say,my morning is very much different for people put a smile on my face just by leaving their messages to me.

2 hours since I got up,it went boring,PPP is sleeping.Unlike yesterday,it was raining tons of opps and at 10 am I was almost done with my blogging..2 blogs actually was almost full of high paid posts. It's so quiet today..hmm anyways,I already expect it. Who knows,they might give out some this afternoon.I just cross my fingers for that.
Good morning everyone!

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