Sunday, December 16, 2007

Exhausted..Worn name it all..

I am using myself too much by staying up this late while my body is aching and yearning to sleep. It's telling me to rest and yet I insist on staying here for PPP to grab some opps. Tired,exhausted,worn out name it all...that's what my body feels right now..people bring me to bed.......

I am so tired from our party today. I did join some of the games that Janine prepared for us and I was having lots of fun that it made me sweat afterwards.Ain't easy when you are pregnant and you get to kiat with the rest of the pinays you know?

I was done posting the pictures and my blog entry about the party but somehow I was so careless to not hit the publish or save button before jumping to a new page to create another post so I lost it. Grrrr pisses me off!Tomorrow I have to do it all over again...for now all I yearn to do is have rest and sleep..until next time bloggy ciaooooo

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