Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday Is Good

Good morning everyone.How is your day so far? As for me here,I am doing good.Monday is cool and chilly with sunshining from the outside.I woke up feeling alright.I went to bed early than usual because I was too worn out from laag yesterday.We stroll 4 different stores until dark that makes me really tired when I got home. My hubby was tired too so we did not watch a movie instead go to bed at 11 pm which is very unusual for us to do.

Hope this day will be so great for me and him.For bloggers too especially those who got PR0 on their blogs.PPP,I wish would be so kind to give us opps even the low payout ones...I would be so happy to do it.HAVE A GOOD DAY!


ChristineHaze said...

Butlog na diay tanan u blog gats???Ako duna pay duha pero ala pay PPP lage, lol. Diay sagdi lang gud not only PPP ra bitaw and makita-an nato daghan lain bisan ginagmay basta kanunay. Same here too!!

Carrie Smith said...

Hey Anne, it hasn't been to bad of a day here...somehow managed to catch that "all I want for christmas giveaway" opp.

And I got an email today stating that I won a really $300 prize that I had done a ppp opp on almost a month ago...I will post about it later.

got to run
take care and have a great night


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