Friday, December 7, 2007

Bitter But Lami

Quick meal for myself this morning.Ampalaya with shrimp paste and bacon. This is what I have throughout my meals today,if you were me,are you gonna get tired eating it?
It's bitter,yes but yummy.Full of nutrients as they say. Hmmppp sorry nothing else to post here now.. always lovin' pinoy foods here,in fact I am cooking our food everyday and will never get tired of it because it's my stomach who grew up eating inato lang nga pagkaon.


Ivy Sterling said...

wow kang lamia ani oi, labi na sa mais na kan on na e komot komot agoroy..unya with buwad nga gi tuslo sa suka na halang lami kaayo na grrrr. tulo laway ko.

Anonymous said...

osssssssssttttttttt,higop nalang ko ani magtan-aw.paibog man ka diha oy.


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