Saturday, December 1, 2007

Love At First Sight

I am not making money today but look what I've done? I spent too much money on shoes at DSW shoe warehouse tonight.So many temptations that I can't say no to them.After the Asian market,we went for a pasta dinner at Joe's pizza and pasta restaurant.It was of course lalabs' plan to bring me there because all of the staff in that resto are wanting to see his wife..and so..smiles were seen on their faces as we entered the door..naks..feeling celeb bah? hehe everybody said hello hi to me!! haha...After the nice fine dinner,thought we head straight to our house but ahh..he stopped at DSW shoe not far from the restaurant and asked me if I want to look at shoes..hohoho..who am I to say no to my weakness? I say BIG YES right away! Alangan no palampason..

I bought 2 pairs of shoes,a pair of boots and just the casual black shoes both are on clearance sale and 2 cute handbags (eherrmmm handbags again..naks..really tempted).Lalabs got his too..and oh feels good I paid for all of the items bought from my blogging.No regret though because I really fell inlove at first sight of the stuff I bought and that is all that matters to me.

1 comment:

ChristineHaze said...

wow...thats sure keeps your feet warm this cold days. So cute...!

Happy Sunday Gat!


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