Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stucked In the House

No challenge,the weather has been gloomy,cold with scattered showers since Sunday.Been stucked inside the house for 3 days now.Couldn't do my walking,aside from being cold,it's wet also which I hate very much. I'm like a crazy dog now,if not because of the computer as the only entertainment I can do here,I wouldn't know where my husband could pick me(losing my sanity,could have gone somewhere else) when he arrives home from work every night.

Laziness strikes during cold days like these, hours and hours could pass and not doing anything,not even cleaning the house.I know it's not only me who gets lazy during cold days right?

By the way,these amazing trees are the only beautiful thing I could see right across the front door. I would never get tired peeking at them by the peep hole because I just think they look perfect to me with changing color of leaves each season.


""rare jonRez"" said...

anne, i always come here baya ha.. di lang guro a kabantay. igo man gyd o mangbasa. di na ko mo comment kay kapoyan ko mag type type sa letters, usahay di naku maklaro. hehehe! kusog ra jud ko mobasa ba.

anywas, inyong kahoy dha naa pa dahon? pastilan amoa diri kay nag-ice na. ga crystal crystal na tawon. hahaha! cge oi... lisud lagi ko kung ma-apikhan ug koment kay maabot isa ka page! yahahaha!

btw, friendster ta bi! :D

Anna said...

hello dai wow ka beautiful man ani nga picture io dinhi nga wala gyud ing-ana nga colour ba hehehehehhe. Musta naman ka dinha babae?

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