Thursday, December 6, 2007

Grown Up Christmas Wish

Adults have their Christmas wishes too.Often it's the children who are vocal of their wishes,asking things or Christmas presents from their parents but little do they know,we,I as an adult have mine too. Wish the good Lord will hear my little wishes this coming birth of His.

1. I wish and I pray that my father will get better soon so he can enjoy and celebrate Christmas with my family in the Philippines.Last time I called my family,I learned that he is admitted in the clinic because of one of his nerves in the brain burst or damaged that caused his mouth nga nahiwi bah? ambot unsay english ana.

2. Since my due date is drawing near,I am praying that I will have a normal and safe delivery when I give birth to my little baby girl,Jadyn.

3. I pray that the Lord above will continue to shower us with blessings everyday including good health to my entire clan,safety in our daily lives,long years to live on Earth and most of all a happy family of mine.

4. I wish that PPP and google will become friends again so posties will be happier this year and next year and that they will give my blogs' PR back again.

5. I wish that my husband's troubled mind about the house that he is leasing to the stupid Vietnamese family will soon be settled so we can find our own place.

Thank you so much Mammu Darl for giving me this tag. I am honored to do it because it feels good to put my wishes into words.

I am tagging Rea,Annie,Ritchella,Garf,Analyn and Juliana


Darlene said...

hahahaha nakatawa ko sa imong wish number 4 dai tinuod gyud maayo unta mag amigo na pod sila ba aron malipay tag bloggers hehehehe salamat diay sa pagdawat dai daghan pa muabot unya hehehe nytnyt buntit

Anonymous said...

hmm,very simple wish.wa ka magwish ug makadaug ka lotto babaye?ahemmm...will try to do this soon.thanks for this.


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