Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Spock to search People

Have you ever heard of the search engine called spock? It is a website exclusively created to find people that you want to search like your long lost friend,celebrities,movie actors and actresses. I have tried it before and joined there and I find it very amazing because in just a matter of one click,the result came out and displayed all of my favorite's actress' pictures,movies that she has done before,her x husbands and awards that she won.I am talking about Halle Berry here. I really find Spock.com - The Best Way to Search People.

I did even try searching for an x boyfriend. I typed his full name and the result? Wow it took up too 3 pages all in all,people from all over the world with different nationalities and ages but there is only one common name. If you are intrigue by this excellent website,try Spock.com - The Best Way to Search People and let me know whether you like it there or not. I will tell you based on my own experience.Even if you search for music videos of your most prefered artist,it will be made possible with Spock.

Trust me. Encourage your friends to use spock too when they have something to search on the internet.

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