Monday, October 1, 2007

American Food

I don't blame the Americans especially the women for being so jumbo and big because of the junky food they eat.Fatty foods in fast food chains are just plain oily and there's nothing to it.Excuse my language but this is true. Attach is a photo of a big serving of french fries,half a dozen shrimp,this was my order at a restaurant the other day and got my eyes so big to see how huge the meal was.The order came with a softdrink,which is unlimited and a side order of either salad or vegetable soup and bread.
I did not finish the whole thing because hey what do you think of me? Dakug kaon? haha..

1 comment:

Erina Hart said...

I'm hungry now. Lol.

I always get a to-go box. That way I can have the rest as leftovers the next day.

Sometimes I share my meal with another friend. A lot of food establishments will let you split. That way your meal isn't so HUGE.


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