Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Forgot to Bath

Wow I can't believe I almost forgot to take a shower today.If Ivy was not asking about me taking a shower I would have not remembered it. Geeezzz PPP keeps holding me while on the computer,I would not stand if I don't need to even if my baby is kicking alot inside trying to relay something that she wants me to do. Like for instance,when I get hungry I just let it pass and not getting something to it. I will wait till I starve to death..What duh..hehehe

When in the shower, I only stay there 5 to10 minutes. 10 minutes is the longest that is when I am taking my time there..if I am in a hurry char believe it or not I can spend in as short as 5 minutes and then go back to the computer trying to catch some opps...

1 comment:

haze said...

baga...baga na gyud di-ay na atong tagiptip diha gats? Lol.....akoa diri katamnan na ug patatas lol.

Mao nani way tulog way kaligo...mila-mila-on baya ang resulta ani nyahahahahahaha.


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