Monday, October 22, 2007

Lovin' It There

I can always compare the two clinics. The OB between the dentist's clinic.I am lovin' it when we go to the dentist because it's really smooth and easy there as I had my appointment after an hour and a half from my OB. We don't have to wait longer for we are being entertained after a short while plus they will acknowledge your presence there as if they value you being one of their frequent clients. The people are nice, rest assured you can get there big smiles upon entering their door and greet you with good morning or ask if you're doin' fine. I noticed there were a couple patients inside the clinic already but the staff were able to accomodate all of nice..lagi oi

Unlike the OB, as if the crew are always pouting..ehherm mas ok nalang ang doktor mismo 'coz she's such a big fan of smiles lol...but the problem is it always takes long to see her coz she doesn't have time management..very unorganized when it comes to facing her clients..I don't know oi unsay patakaran nila.

1 comment:

Janine said...

hahaha in ana jud nang appointement dugay kaayo ta ana pud tong ako sa buntis pako..good thing sa k elijah na mga appointments k ila dayon me pasudlon..bitaw hapit ra ko..


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