Friday, October 5, 2007

Simple Words That is Heart-melting

"Sandy: U need Sprite or french fries honey?"... this is a text from my husband I received few minutes ago. I thought of posting it here because moments like these are hard to forget. It may mean nothing to you but for me,it means the world to me knowing how sweet he is to me.
Simple words that could melt my heart to death. Simple gestures that could make my heart go wild!!!

As if I feel he whisper it to my ears and speaking those words so softly that makes me shiver...kilig to the bones all over!!!

And I am sure he will not come home without my fries,he knows how I crave for fries so that is guaranteed I am gonna have my fries tonight. Thank you much Lalabs!

1 comment:

Erina Hart said...

Aw, that is sweet! You're right. Small things, such as the text message you received, do make a lot of difference :)

I hope your fries were good!


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