Friday, October 12, 2007

Allergic to Perfumes

I knew it from the very start that hubby doesn't like perfumes.He never wore any and never will. Though he doesn't like it I still bought him one from Davidoff's cool water because I like the manly scent in it. I handed it to him last night and he quickly spray a little bit of it on to his chest and said,nice choice..guess he likes the smell?

I got back to the computer and let him do his thing while watching t.v and after a few minutes I started hearing my husband sneezing..I'm counting 1..2..3 then eventually he sneezed so loud that it bothers me. I came to him and asked if he was ok..poor man telling me he was ok but I don't think so because he kept sneezing still.I asked him,why? and he said it's just the air of the night (pollen)perhaps? hmmm.. I am not a fool to not know it's not because of the perfume.

He sprayed it where he can smell the scent near to his nose..argsss..the reason? "Because I don't know how to wear a perfume!" what I did,I grabbed a piece of towelette,wet it with water and rub to where he sprayed the perfume to remove the scent. It helped because he got better and stopped sneezing.
And when he went to work today? My gift just left in the drawer untouched,he did not spray a bit...toink... Maoy gidangat...surely he would never use it again..which is ok. I was just hoping to give him something for our anniversary but it's worthless.

I just perhaps,give it to my father when we go to the Philippines someday...di cguro ni mabaho no?


dipdip said...

ako...sus, addict kaayo kog perfume...currently im using a kenneth cole black. ako jud gi daginot kay mahal tawn..makapalit na unta kog duha ka sakong bugas ani! hahaha... makasapot kay mahal jud diri sa pinas....pwede magpapalit ko diha?hehehe..barato raba? toink! ahhaha...

have a great weekend gwapa!!!!

Erina Hart said...

It is the thought that counts. I'm sure he was happy to know you care about him.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

It's alright Byotipol. It's the thought that counts. I'm so amazed by your love for each other. Each one of you is willing to sacrifice for the other. It's so nice of your husband to spray the perfume on his body knowing fully well that he's allergic to it just so he will not hurt your feelings. Awww. That's love and an act of sacrifice for his loved one. Wow, ka ka touched. You're blessed to have a husband like that. Sana you'll stay that way hanggang malalaki na ang mga anak ninyo and I pray to the Lord that He will blessed you with a lifetime marriage. Smile always. God bless you and your family and have a nice and wonderful weekend.

Carrie Smith said...

The smell of perfumes bother me as well, I am sneezing just reading your post...LOL
just remember it's the thought that counts!


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