Monday, October 29, 2007


It just came to my mind about my vacation to Iowa last year.About these days I was there to visit a friend named Carolina.It was such a nice place to be going to during fall because the golden leaves are just awesome that cannot be seen here in Texas.I don't like the weather though because it was freaking cold.

Halloween is coming and I remember when we carved 2 big pumpkins and design it with a scary face to put in the porch in preparation of trick or treat on the 1st day of November.Man,I couldn't believe how I enjoyed carving pumpkins because it was my first time to experience such.Never in my whole life I did the thing.

Then by the night,we were out with Angela to do trick or treat in the neighborhood,it was fun and she almost fill her basket with candies.I did not survive the whole time we went for trick or treat because I got stomachache due to cold temperature.I just stayed in the car instead and just watch Angela knock on neighbor's door.

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