Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ended my Day with a Big Grin

Yes, though I am not literally grinning here but my heart says so.That is what I feel right now because I am very much contented of the money I made for today from PPP,that if God will approve all 8 posts I did? I trust the Lord,so no worries. For others who have high page rank and low alexa score $76 is too low for them,but for me it's alot already.

Where can you get such money if you are staying home? No hassles,no driving somewhere,no boss that commands you from time to time? The only investment here is "kahago sa konsensya" and "kasakit sa lubot" for those who cannot understand bisaya kindly ask other bloggers for translation..poor english here sorry.. been writing alot all day today so I am out of words.

I am saying buhbye to all my blogger friends because tummy is not doing fine.Been hurting for hours and really need to do a different thing or lay down again.


Carrie Smith said...

I would die it I made that much money from PPP in one day... mind you right now I only have the one blog approved through them and my page rank is STILL only a 1.

Hopefully a better day today:0)

Hope your tummy is feeling better this morning.
take care

Ritchelle said...

hala ka buntisa ka,,,ako pay baby jadine segi ko lihok/pamatid aron barog ka diha!pag hike oy bugnaw na bitaw di na maglabad ulo nimo ana kay wa nay init!oo sha,gud morning nalang!take care...


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