Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy And Contented

Well,it's enough for me atleast I don't get zero for today in PPP that is guaranteed because I was able to grab 4 opps already.Thanks goodness. I got 3 $8.50s and 1 $5 which is enough for me.It is good if they still gonna give us some opps later today but I am not sure if they do.

For now,I must get my ass up from here and start with my day by cooking breakfast for myself also because hubby is going to use the computer. I think I am going to concentrate doing all the neglected chores from yesterday since my blogging for money is doing fine. I am thankful somehow for the not too many opps they give me.

See you later everyone...buh bye..


Darlene said...

maayuha gyud woi abtik pas alas kwatro.Anyways naa kay tagay nako pretty preggy palihug lang kog bisita sa akong old blog okies?

Janine said...

wow daghana na nadakop ni buntis oio.banat jud..

Ivy Sterling said...

maayo si inday manikop oi perti daghana nasikop

Carrie Smith said...

PPP is looking better today for you as well. Always a pick me up...I get down when I don't get any opps.

Happy posting!


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