Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blog Award

What a fine morning to start with a nice blog award from Anna. Everytime I have an award from my fellow bloggers I grab it right away because of too excitement that I cannot wait for minutes to pass without getting it and pasting it to my blog. I appreciate you day Anna for giving me this award. GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!

I am now passing this to Dipdeep,Carrie,Thira,Annie and Janine
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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne! Wowowowee thanks hehehe:)Yes it's definitely a great way to start a day:)

Carrie Smith said...

Thank you so much Anne, I really needed this :0)

It's just past noon and nothing but I won't let it get me down's to short

thanks again and I will post it right away

take care:0)


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