Friday, October 26, 2007

Relaxing Yet Boring Day

Very quiet here in our place. Whether inside or outside the house,there'll can never be crowds and noise you see or hear around here. PPP has been quiet as well. They have been tight giving us opps this week and to think the not so good news I got that my PR went down to 1.Instead of 2. I was really hoping that it will increase sooner but as to my dismay, it went down.

I have done all my chores around here, took a shower and now I feel like I want to sleep. There is nothing else to do and everyone in my yahoo messenger seems to be sleeping. I am so tired..tired of computer everyday as there is no other way to entertain myself. I wanted to take a walk around the neighboorhood but our dog is not feeling well.

I can't walk alone because I am like a lost crazy woman walking 0n the streets.haAAY boredom strikes me! I hate it!!


haze said...

hahahahaha....pareha gyud ta pero nibalik baya sa 2 gats...ambot ning google uy nagka bu-ang man nuon akong uban blog tag-as kaau ug PR sa goole pero sa SEO zero ambot kinsay tuhu-an nako ani lol...

BItaw nang update ang Google tanan blog nanay PR check imoha diha....congrats for being a top earner di-ay...libre na pud ang pang shopping nato ani, hehehehe.

Happy weekend!

Tammy said...

My PR went from a 0 to a 4 so I am very happy with it. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.


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