Thursday, October 25, 2007

Multi tasking

Whenever I am sitted in the computer,I cannot avoid opening too many running programs. First I quickly the advertising website,looking for new possible opps.If no opps then I open another page which is my blog then look at my new messages on my tagboard.Respond to every visit they made for me.Afterwards,start my blog hopping,get some warm milk and saying hi to everyone.

When it's time for a meal,I stand up for a while,get some food...go back to my computer,do the same thing all over again at the same time chatting with friends on my ym and checking my mailbox. My daily routine is this everyday from morning 'till night.I am the kind of person who can't settle with just one thing.I jump from page to another and do it at the same time.Because it bores me to death if I won't do that.

1 comment:

Carrie Smith said...

Hey that's sounds just like me....except I have a few more interuption with taking care of four extra day off school tomorrow and getting ready to go away for a few am I going to get any ppp opps done tomorrow.
The one thing I hate about going away is leaving my computer behind. Maybe Santa will bring me a laptop :0)


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