Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ok Nalang

I was cursing early in the morning..and I know it's bad.I just can't help it because I thought I was attentive enough in grabbing the opps on PPP but I still missed the $13.50 offer. I was so disappointed and upset.And few minutes after,I was kinda relieved because I was able to grab a much higher offer which is 20 bucks.

I hope that this 13.50 one will turn white again and for the second time,PPP will give me a chance to get it.If not? I am just hoping for some more higher pay outs later..

1 comment:

Ivy Sterling said...

ayaw highblood highblood dha tit kay dli maayo.hehe pariha bya tang duha..maayo gani kay naka grab ka sa 8.50 ug 20 ako tawn 20 ra..pero maayo nalang.


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