Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tagay from Darlene

Rosemarie's Question: Do you have a New Year's resolution last year? What are those?

My Answer:Yeah,but I have to think for a new New Year's resolution for now..guess I need to learn how to be a good mother to my child next year..

Darlene's question: What is LOVE means to you generally?
Love is like a bubble gum,kung mopilit makabuang.

I am tagging this to no one because I am pretty tired for now. Hope you'll understand mamooo...if ever you happen to read this tag,just grab it and add your question below,don't forget to pass this to the fellow bloggers you know..thank you.

1 comment:

Darlene said...

hahahaha nakabasa nako ana sauna Anne pero nakalimot naman ko ana bitaw sa?tinuod gyud na dai Anne very nice answer woi it's short yet nalingaw kaayo ko Thanks for doing the tag dai


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