Sunday, October 28, 2007

What Worries You

Just grabbed this from Nancy's blog,hope you don't mind day 'coz am really brain drain now.

1. I am worried whenever I think of losing love ones,especially my husband and my entire family in the Philippines.

2. I worry that there might be some bad guys out there and would just kick in the door when hubby is at work.

3. I worry when my due date is near.if I can make it just like any other mothers giving birth to their kids

4. I worry if I can be a good parent someday.

5. I worry when we have a baby and will we be gonna be able to move to a bigger place .

6. I worry about my labor because am not making enough exercise in preparation of my labor.

7. I worry about my PPP if this gonna last long.

8. I worry about me getting fat.

9. I worry about our financial.

10. Not much to worry around here,it's just me who is making it a big deal.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

hehehe you are more than welcome to grab that tag,i enjoyed reading it especially your worrying about your pregnancy thing dont worry girl you'll do good.take care and God bless you!


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