Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dog Tags

I have been offered this dog tag opportunity for a few days now but I did not get and make a post of it intentionally because the dog tag that they give has not arrived in the mail yet and today,I finally got it so here I am.

I chose to have a pink dog tag with our dog's name and home address written in it so if ever she get lost,somebody can just locate our home and return her to us.It's pink because our dog is a female. It is just a simple tag,after all it is free and I did not pay any cents at all.

If you are looking for dog tags please check this out dog tags and feel free to choose any designs and colors that you like for you to have for your very own dogs. You can have a sports tag as well,football,basketball or anything.They have it there.

Below is a sample picture of a dog tag that they sent me.

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