Monday, October 15, 2007

Tiring Day

I am very tired here. I don't know why my brain just thinking tired so goes my body,feel like very exhausted. I am thankful though because my sitting in the computer whole day pays off. I finally got the only offer that turned gray for hours and hours of waiting....finally got it and I could rest asap hubby arrives home.

He probably has his OT tonight for he is almost an hour late now. No call,no text...he maybe working overtime because he's gonna get a day off tomorrow? who knows...???

I would say goodnight in advance to everyone.Preggy is really worn out now.

1 comment:

babigurl said...

nanginabuhi jud ug taman imoha hubby noh saon nalang duna naman cyay maging inspiration soon gud.

Chill out preggy, hehehehe.

Hay I can't imagine to be a wife in the future, hehehehe.


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