Thursday, October 18, 2007

Question from Trinity

since christimas is coming right up, are you planning to give your husband a gift? If yes, what are you going to give him?

***My answer would be,I am not certain whether I'm gonna give something to hubby because everytime I ask what he wants or what he needs,he would just say nothing. So I would rather not give anything than buy something thay he doesn't like.

My question is: What is the most significant day/moment of your life that you cannot forget?

Ivy's question: What is the one feature you’d change about yourself and why? I am not ashame of telling you honestly of the only flaw I see in me is my butt.It's real no shape at all or flat though americans aim to get thinner asses but not me,want it a little bit meaty you know.

I am asking Ritchella and Garfy


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

It does not matter what you give your husband for Christmas Byotipol as long as it is given in the name of love it will be surely appreciated by him. Remember the time you gave him the bottle of perfume where he was allergic, he still used it although it made him to suffer bouts of allergic reactions. That's how he loves you and appreciate each and every little thing that you do for him. You are so blessed to have a loving and understanding husband like that. I suggest you give him something that is a labor of love, something that he will definitely appreciates. You know his favorite things. Why don't you give him one of these out of your labor of love?
Thanks for the wonderful post. Smile. God bless and have a nice and love filled day.

Carrie Smith said...

Trinity:0) that is the name of my 7 year old beautiful!

My husband is one hard person to by for, clothes forget it I always pick out clothes that he doesn't like...he is scared to keep up with the fashion world...anyway I will figure something out.

have a good day
good luck with PPP:0)

Totok Sugianto said...

Im very happy because my wife give me a cute baby last month. And I think this is a wonderfull prize for me.


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