Thursday, October 4, 2007


... to secretly wish someone else would clean up all your messes.

... if you love your mom but want to give her a makeover.With better fashion sense,she could rule the world!

... if you don't own expensive sheets,a vibrator or your home.

... to wonder how celebs stay so thin when they're always holding Venti Frappuccinos.

... if knowing you were too good for him in the first place doesn't make getting dumped any easier.

... to respect your elders only if they deserve it.

... to see Blades of Glory for the pure spectacle of Will Ferrell in tights.

... to open the spam e-mail that promises to make his penis bigger because,well,you're a little bit curious.

... to look at old high school photos and wish you'd known then how cute you were.Atleast you know now.


gwapasila said...

gyud ! musta na miss buntis ?

elay said...

hehehehe.. nice one.. :) matry nga kahit isa dun sa nabanggit mo. ;)

Erina Hart said...

Lol. Those are great :)


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