Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Alexa Score

My alexa scores in both my domain and blogspot blogs are making a big progress. I just found out that my domain's alexa now down to 1 million plus which is indeed a very good news for me because PPP opps are offering higher payouts to those who have lower alexa.While my blogspot score is kinda weird because last time I saw it,it was already in 6 thousand plus and now it's back to 7 thousand something.

I don't get it because I did a lot of blog hopping last night and this is what I got? It is still good though but if as much as possible I want it to be a lot lower than that.However,if I cannot make it down to 5 thousand, it would still be fine for me as long as it would keep steady right where it is now.

Good night everyone.Wishing you good night dreams and sleep tight folks.


julai said...

hi guapa,musta na?pasensya karon lng ko kabalik diri ky medyo na busy ang lola..hehe..oiii pareha ta I also blogged about my alexa ranking..hehehe..1 million kapin na pod akoa sa Julai's corner, pero ang ahong domain name 7 million kapin pa..heheh

haze said...

maaung imoha nangunhud akoa nanagku nuon gats pati akoa PR2 na blog imbis PR3 sa una na PR2 karon PR1 nalang jud ayyy na-unsa bah man gud ko blog about sa gambling ug loan...maka minus daw na, lol.


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