Thursday, October 25, 2007

PPP nice

They are not giving opps yet but I think they are nice this morning.I keep receiving emails about my posts being approved which is the only consolation I have from them. At least I have some good things happen here while waiting for them to give us some tasks to do.

Weewww PPP nice! I love it when I get approved because it is sure that I am doing fine with my blogging plus just awaiting for the compensation next month..Cool morning and nice PPP..thank you very much! Now you make me feel glad!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog today.
Keep it going


Nancy said...

gwaps,just visiting you again and again.sweetie about your question 'wer is the diaper heheh...i usually bring seperate bag for baby stuff. have a good day and i cant wait to see your baby!mwah!

Ivy Sterling said...

hehe pariha ta naka dawat ko 12 emails from them na approve ako mga entries.ganiha buntag sayo na miss pa gyud nako ang 8.30 gnaiha.waaaaaaaa


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