Thursday, March 4, 2010

Would It Be The Same Online?

I used to play bingo a lot. I remember when I was young, me and my classmates gather together in one place to play bingo. One of us should bring bingo cards at least five of them so we can have fun while waiting for our next subject teacher to come. Weird for small kids to play such game at young age eh and bingo in the classroom? How is that possible, well, just believe to make it short that we made it without being caught by our teachers hehe.

Bingo wasn't only popular during my grade school. As years passed by, more and more people get hooked to it. The whole village in our area got addicted to playing bingo. Wherever you go, you could see a big group of crowd having fun together especially during noon time after lunch. For them, Bingo was just their past time. Some were lucky enough to win and most of them just lost their games but that didn't stop them from quitting. Ah remembering those things makes me miss my home badly. Those are just one of the good old days that I so want to go back to my home country and play bingo again with my old friends.

Speaking about bingo, I came across to this bingo website called Costa Bingo. It is the best bingo comparison website where players get to choose in which they can play bingo. is obviously an English company so its monetary unit is pounds. If you are from US and passionate in playing bingo, you can do so by simply going to US bingo sites located on the left side of the page. US Bingo sites are the following USA Bingo, Desperate Housewives Bingo US, Bingo Tropic US, Bingo Sky US, Cyber Bingo US. And those are the top five best rated bingo sites in the US.

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