Monday, March 22, 2010

Better Cooking, Better Baking

As far as I can remember, the oven toaster we have was given to me by husband during my 22nd birthday which was the first birthday I ever celebrated here in America. I thought it was so thoughtful of him for giving me a present that I never asked. I have cooked food several times in this oven.

I have only done my baking twice using the toaster oven though because the second time I baked my chocolate cake in there it got burned. And if it wasn't because of my friends came over, I would have burned down the house too for I didn't know it was already oozing hot in the kitchen. I was saved by them.

Anyways, I won't stop hoping that someday I can successfully bake using the toaster oven. Anyhow, we just have to look for proper toaster ovens that would not burn food easy. I think I know for sure where to look for guides in buying or choosing an oven toaster. It is called that provides reviews of different models and general information you'll want before making your decision. Yep, for some buying one for them isn't a big deal but let me ask you this, would you be willing wasting your money spending on something that you can't use for you are afraid you might burn down the entire house of yours?

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