Friday, March 19, 2010

imprinted promotional items

This certain company on the internet is surely would not go out of business for they cater imprinted promotional items for different establishments and institutions helping them promote their products and services. One of the many cool stuff they offer that you can have your business' name printed on promotional key chains and promotional coffee mugs.

Talking about promotional items, I am certain we do have several of them here from my father in-law. I had opened several boxes from his cottage and I found like more than 5 promotional coffee mugs with different printings on it from different names of the institutions he was affiliated with before during his active days in the Air Force. I plan of putting them in a safe cabinet so we won't use them.

Another best example of promotional items we got is a beer mug from a restaurant we dined in during my early months of living in the United States. At that time I was thinking how cool the restaurants here to be offering such cool mugs to their customers so that they can have something to keep as a souvenir. Four years later, we still have it, still looking new as when it was first bought by us. Cool eh.

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