Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fort Worth Roads

Fort Worth's one of the many spaghetti roads as what my friend's husband call it. are photos below. Underneath the bridges are home for the homeless people. And on the other side of these roads is the downtown Fort Worth, as you can see the tall skyscrapers are beyond the bridges. I don't know what the street name was when I took this picture. All I know is that I had a pretty view in all the bridges that I found worth sharing just so you know the very impossible roads for me to drive for I definitely get lost someday if I dare to go there. I don't even know which these is the I-35.


Grampy said...

It looks like it could get quite confusing. Have a good day. Also safe driving.

kkj said...

hi...i just remembered that bridge when my husband showed me a video of that when they did a Long drive frOm alaska to texas last january,I heard him saying "it lOOks Like bituka and if ur not familiar with it u will be lost":))haha!tc always!


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