Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Caribbean Is Cool

I miss the beaches so much. The last time I went to the beach was with my family over a year ago. So imagine a typical island girl and hasn't been to the beach that long, imagine how I drool over the beach when we talk about it? For those who love the beach just like me, I know you can relate to me.

Since I am far from the ocean or the beach from my current residency, all I could do is dream of being in the seawater or look at beach resorts on the internet. And as I keep browsing for beautiful beaches I came across to this very cool site that offers all inclusive Caribbean as well as offering all inclusive beach resorts.

How cool! I feel like wow this could be perfect for our family but despite of the offer all inclusive caribbean vacations, I know it would be impossible for us to have a Caribbean vacation for the meantime because we are tight with money and also we have other priorities besides spending a vacation elsewhere. But hoping someday though, we can all fulfill our Caribbean vacation when we are able to save up enough money.

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