Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Major Job Today

I spent an hour working outside trying to finish my plan of replanting my paperwhites and tulips from the pots to the ground so they can have enough room to grow. I did all that by myself but the job itself wasn't an easy task to do.

I had to do some soil digging in the backyard and put it in the wheelbarrow then transport it to the front yard where I was going to plant the bulbs. I think I did 3 rounds of pushing the wheelbarrow before I could finally put the bulbs in. After I finished with my planting I had to do another 4 rounds of watering them manually with the use of a portable sprinkler.

I did try using the hose we have in the backyard but it isn't long enough to get to where my plants are so I left no choice but to do the watering manually. I don't complain though as I enjoyed what I was doing plus I had a really good exercise. Now I am so exhausted, hungry and sleepy. I bet I am gonna be all sore tomorrow, I shall see but that is what is gonna usually happen to me after doing a hard labor.

Now I am off to bed for a quick nap then cook some bam-e later when I wake up.

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