Monday, March 1, 2010

Damp, Gloomy And Cold

Today is a damp, gloomy and cold day here in North Texas. Unlike yesterday, it was all sunny and warmer of 58 degrees although it was a bit windy. We managed to enjoy the outdoor at the park. Meanwhile, Jadyn insisting in going out and I told her that she cannot go play outside since it is raining and cold. She was a bit stubborn and if she insisted I could have put her to time out or spank her hard so that she will know that what she's asking is impossible.

Good thing Jadyn understands that I was getting angry with her so after a couple convincing that it is not a good idea to be going out, she stopped and played. I want my baby to be able to go out, alright? But with the current condition I think it would be hazardous for her to be playing alone in the backyard.

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