Monday, March 8, 2010

Picking Wildflowers In Our Backyard

We have had pretty good days here in Texas. When the sun is up and temperature warmed up then it's time for us to enjoy the outdoor. We have quite a big backyard so that should be enough for us to do some fun run chasing after our naughty dog. Hopefully, I can practice kite flying with the baby too. That thought makes me excited hahayzz... for sure Jadyn is going to have fun with me.
Jadyn from hiding the bushes running towards me in the above photo.. I caught her picking wild flowers on the other side of the fence
.......opps goin to hide ehhhhhh
... she looks so tiny in this one... notice the barn in the backyard? I have that in my farm sa farmtown ehhhh... and our neighbors got it in real life...

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