Friday, March 12, 2010

Third Wife Is Home

Yep, as planned, my husband's third wife is now home with us, he drove it home all the way from Arlington this afternoon. The reason why we didn't have our Porsche for more than two years is that we had nowhere to put it at the old rental house we used to live. He has got a second wife (Acura NSX) parked in the shade in our backyard so there was just no space to fit in the third wife. Now I feel at ease to have it back for I kept asking my husband if the car was ok at someone's garage, not seeing it for a long time and all he could tell me is YES. Anyways, welcome home third wife!

......... photos of the hubby and baby with the third wife!

1 comment:

anne said...

ikaw jud girl abi ba nako unsa ning imong third wife hehehe


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