Wednesday, March 3, 2010

She Loves Clifford

clifford the big red dog Pictures, Images and Photos

big red dog Pictures, Images and Photos

Jadyn can live for days watching her shows on t.v without stopping it. There are just too many interesting kids' shows on KERA that I am just letting my child watch t.v most of the time. She is having fun watching cartoons at the same time learning through KERA's educational shows they offer. One best show that my Jadyn really love watching is Clifford, The Big Red Dog. It is obvious why she likes it a lot, the leading character of the show is a dog and baby Jadyn loves dog so much. It is on right now and I tell you what? Jadyn is so sleepy already but she is being stubborn at this time trying to stay up just to finish watching Clifford on t.v.

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