Wednesday, March 10, 2010

She's Coming Home

My husband's third wife is coming home this weekend, yeeppeeyy!! I'm gonna take a picture so you all can see how she looks like. After 3 years of not seeing "HER" I am glad she is coming home now. Hubby has to have a friend though in order to bring that controversial wife of his home, I don't drive that's why he is asking his friend to come with him.

We don't have a space in the old house we used to live that's why that third wife of his had to stay in someone else's garage up North. Many times I asked my husband if she is still alive or ok, in good shape but all he can answer me is SHE'S GOOD. Now I am curious to see if she still have that sleek and shiny look in her body... Weewww weekend seems too slow to come..

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