Monday, March 22, 2010

10 Places NOT to Use Your Debit Card

I just wanna share this helpful information I read on Yahoo for your safety. We all need to be vigilant as to where we should use our debit cards for our protection. I sure know that once your personal information is being exposed then you are prone to be hacked by some criminals and ruin your finances.

My husband and I are debit cards people, almost all our purchases are paid directly from our debit card and guess what? The places we usually spend money on using debit cards are mentioned below. Scary!

Here are 10 places and situations where it can pay to leave that debit card in your wallet:

1. Online

2. Big-Ticket Items

3. Deposit Required

4. Restaurants

5. You're a New Customer

6. Buy Now, Take Delivery Later

7. Recurring Payments

8. Future Travel

9. Gas Stations and Hotels

10.Checkouts or ATMs That Look 'Off'

Read detailed information about this article at the original source on YAHOO FINANCE


teJan said...

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thanks for this informative posts:)

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