Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hope They'll Become Best Friends

FIL-AM kiddos they are. Yes they are Abigail in the red shirt and my Deden to the right. Hope they will become best/good friends someday. That's all I can wish for our kids because I know how it feels like to be alone not having anyone to talk to when there's something bugging you inside.

Annie and I are really good friends and hope our kids too. I hope they treat each other like sisters then I'll be good to not make another baby.


zuveena said...

grave ang cu-cute nila. yan prang feel ko na rin tuloy magka anak..papabuntis na ako sa mga either deer, raccoon, possum, or squirrels dito at sana cute din ang kalabasan at sana lalaki nman pra mgig jowa ya ang mga kiddos nyo, tapos two timer xa prang si tiger wood at jessie james. whew!!!! bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Cielo said...

ang cute tlaga ng blend ng Amerisians.....parang mga commercial models


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