Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm Using Google Chrome

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I am finally convinced that google chrome browser is better than IE or Mozilla Firefox. I was told by my friends to try using google chrome especially when opening multiple websites at one time for it works better than those mentioned browsers but I didn't listen to them. It took me couple of months to start using it because I was too lazy to download the said browser. At first I was using IE then eventually it acted up on me so I switched to Firefox. It did the same thing again and was getting slow. I thought it was just my computer that needed a thorough cleaning but after doing the scan and shutting down a couple times I see no difference at all.

So I made up my own decision to try google chrome. So far so good. I've only been using the new browser for 3 days hehe and for that I can really see the big difference when browsing on the internet. If this acts strange to me again, I don't know what else to use except go back the old ones that I used to using before google chrome existed.


Diana said...

Is it safer or what makes it more special?

texas_sweetie said...

diana, i am yet to explore its special features for I'm new to it. The thing i like about it doesn't hang up when I open multiple sites in one time.


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