Friday, March 5, 2010


One of my favorite Winter Olympic game sports to watch is skateboarding. I just find it so cool seeing people looking so good in their skateboards flying up in the air. Both men and women can do it and I tell you what, they are really really good in it. How I wish I knew how to do skateboarding so I can get to play or ride with it with people who have the same hobby as me. By the way, if you are looking for skateboards to buy for yourself, for a friend or for a dear child of yours, go ahead and see what you like online by simply clicking on the text highlighted here. Thank you!

Speaking of these, I saw a movie on t.v, a true to life story of a young kid who loves skateboarding and was being stopped by his own family to pursue his dream just because they thought it wasn't for him. What he did, he escaped his town, left his family and went to a much better place where he can do the favorite hobby of his without his parents' intervention. That was cool eh. My most interesting part of the movie is that whenever he uses his skateboard, the scene would slow motion the part that takes him to the air and it was just amazing.

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