Monday, March 29, 2010

Is He Mr. Right?

Do you think you have found Mr. Right? Think again, read the tips below on how to recognize if he's the Mr. Right. I proudly say I have mine, I found him 5 years ago and he still is until today. I'm blessed with my husband indeed, thank God!

Dating Trait #1: He listens to you

-- They say the best way to tell if he is the Mr. Right is he listens to you, give importance to things that you like and even know your bestfriend's name which I so agree 100%. I can certainly say my man is the Mr. Right. He is the best listener ever since the start of our relationship until now.

Dating Trait #2: He connects with you easily

You don't have to force anything, forgive anyone, or turn a blind eye to red flags or gut-twisters. Instead, you communicate and collaborate with comfort, compatibility, and undeniable chemistry. I felt that our relationship just flowed naturally since then. We started dating online and every conversation we had was magical. Our chemistry naturally came without us noticing it. Also he knows exactly what I want, what I'm thinking.

Dating Trait #3: He wants the real you
So often, women feel the need to sacrifice some part of themselves to make a relationship work. In the right relationship, there's no need. You don't have to hide, tone down, or apologize for any aspect of you or your fabulous life. With the right partner, you're not only able to be yourself, but you're better able to be the best version of your most authentic self -- no compromises needed.
-- Well it is not me to pretend I am comfortable while deep inside I'm not. I say what I want to say and I am not stupid to go on with the relationship that I think is not right. I am so glad that my man brings out the best in me and he just let me be myself when I'm around him.

Dating Trait #4: He's trustworthy

“A relationship without trust is doomed from the start.” Of course, trust is solid foundation in a relationship. Aside from love, this has to come first for there is no trust I don't think the relationship will work fine.

Dating Trait #5: He enriches your life

In the wrong relationship, your partner tears you to emotional shreds, brings you down, and in general drains your energy. In the right relationship, he enriches your life, inspires you to be your best self, and brings a sense of peace and possibility to you. You'll know Mr. Next is enriching your life if and when he encourages and supports you professionally, personally, and spiritually. And when he does, he may just be Mr. Right!
-- This is very true. Why settle for someone that gives you heartaches? You don't deserve to cry you know? Unlike other people out there they are just too stupid and martyr for continuing their relationship with men whom they know not giving them anything but PAINS AND SUFFERINGS. I know several of them and I just couldn't fathom their brain why they settled for someone who insulted, cheated them before their eyes.

Lifted from Yahoo Dating Personals

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