Thursday, November 19, 2009

There Is Always Something

Ok, after a couple of attempts trying to resolve my problem with the money that the scammers took from my account last month, I now have it back to my paypal. It took me several calls to paypal just to get it back and I could barely keep my patience as I want it back the soonest possible.

I receive a confirmation from them that the money is now in my account and that my debit card has been closed. Fine. As I feel safer now that they closed it but my happiness isn't complete because I cannot log in to my paypal account. There is always something that hinders me from doing so. One problem is solved then there'll be another one awaits me. What a life!

I may need to contact paypal by phone and see if they can do something about my problem. I want to do it now but how can I if I can't talk clearly, my mouth is still hurting so bad! Geezz why can't everything be easy?

1 comment:

Twerlyn said...

hala na scam d-i ka Anne..abi ko safe ang paypal ba.


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