Wednesday, November 25, 2009

breast implants

Do you ever wonder why celebrities looking so perfect physically? Before I knew anything about breast implants I often wondered why those women, sexy stars especially have that extra hard to believe busts while in fact they are no ordinary than the rest. Then as I kept reading about the latest breast implants that how I learned that breast implants enhance a woman's breast through silicone implants. Anyone can have breast implants, young or old adults as long as they have budget for it, for sure it wouldn't just a thousand bucks. Should be more than that.

There is this new cohesive silicone gel that is very popular nowadays that most plastic surgeons and patients agree that would look and feel more natural than the traditional saline breast implants. Also silicone gel are less like to produce rippling compare to the latter. Be prepared to have a slightly larger or bigger incision though this is done to allow placement.

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